The hard shell fabric is engineered for premium work wear and protective wear, such as police wear, firemen wear, work wear, uniform, image uniform, etc. Hi-New-Tex® provides diversified functional fabrics for different & specific applications, such as IRR fabric, NBC fabric, extremely durable fabric, flam-resistant fabric, high visible fabric and anti-static fabric.
Professional and certified shell fabric, premium membrane and specific lining fabric
Specified & certified custom hard shell fabrics for uniforms, work clothes and protective wear.
We set up the professional lab and quality examination system which are certified and accepted by our brand buyers, such as Decatholon. Our laboratory staff are highly trained and qualified by authority institution. To always acquire latest information and knowledge about specific tests in this filed, we frequently have comprehensive courses and seminars with international quality examination institutions, such as SGS, ITS. It helps us to provide reliable test results to our customers.
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