Company Overview

Hi-New-Tex® Textile Material Bonding Company was founded in the year 2002.The factory was established in a covering space of about 60,000 square meters & a total investment of about US $ 5000,000.

The company prides of Top Of Line equipment & highly qualified technicians. Hi-New-Tex® has the capacity of producing upto 600000 meters monthly.

With total quality management,the way of life of every staff,the company boasts of being world class Textile Material Bonding Enterprise.

Hi-New-Tex® are environmentally friendly. Hi-new-tex specializes in production of high quality ISO9001 certified fabrics that are technically advanced…

Hi-New-Tex® well engineered products are waterproof,windproof and at the same time maintain breathability. By allowing perspiration to evaporate the Hi-New-Tex® based garments assists your body to stay dry & aid the natural cooling process.

In extreme cold weather it keeps the body warm by cutting off the chill wind & snow or rain,through its characteristic wind & water proof property.

Hi-New-Tex® based garments provide comfort all the way.


We set up the professional lab and quality examination system which are certified and accepted by our brand buyers, such as Decatholon. Our laboratory staff are highly trained and qualified by authority institution. To always acquire latest information and knowledge about specific tests in this filed, we frequently have comprehensive courses and seminars with international quality examination institutions, such as SGS, ITS. It helps us to provide reliable test results to our customers.
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