Due to the ever-changing customer requirements and the constant innovation of high new technologies,
Hi-New-Tex® works together with customers, cooperative partners, government and non-government organizations worldwide to develop a wide range of sustainable solutions for materials, products and consultancy, creating the win-win vision and benefit.
  Hi-New-Tex® product range
Hi-New-Tex® core technical capability is in the development of creating high performance laminating textiles to offer diversified solutions to customers. We continually make great efforts to do R&D, analyze and integrate the market insights and customer feedbacks for supplying clients with a full service in a faster and more appropriate way. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional values and benefits to customers for their success.
Hi-New-Tex® range of laminating textiles includes: Laminating Textile of Performance Outerwear, Laminating Textile of Hunting Gear, Laminating Textile of Protective Gear, Military Laminating Textile , Laminating Home Textile, Laminating Textile of Footwear\Bag\Industry, Laminating Textile of Automotive Interior, Laminating Textile of SBR Latex, Medical Laminating Textile, Health Nursing Product Series,
Hi-New-Tex® laminating textiles are composed by various membranes as below: hydrophilic & hydrophobic membranes, micro porous membranes, transfer coating membranes, high temperature durable membranes, chemical resistant membranes, medical laminating membranes, printing membranes, flame-resistant membranes.
  Hi-New-Tex® laminating textiles – performance benefits
Hi-New-Tex® offers laminating textiles with a number of performance benefits that can include a combination of:
durable waterproofness, high water vapour permeability, excellent windproofness, extreme lightness perfect flexibility, durability and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, softness and low noise, flame resistance, cut resistance & stab resistance, high temperature wash & dry clean resistance.
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