Laminating Textile of SBR Latex
You may risk your life to surf on the strong wave. Then it is crucial for you to possess a high-quality surfing gear. Hi-New-Tex® adopts the new solvent-free reactive hot melt adhesive and expertise environmental protection bonding technology to develop the laminating textile of SBR latex which meets the toughest salt water test standard. With this gear, you can freely surf on the sea wave, safely enjoying the perfect moment. The full service will be provided to you in a faster and more appropriate way due to our material R&D department and consumer-oriented research team.
Hi-New-Tex® laminating textile of SBR latex——for extreme sports


冲浪时承受着巨大的冲击力,生命面临着威胁,因此拥有一款保护性能卓越的冲浪服尤为重要。Hi-New-Tex® 应用不含溶剂的反应型热熔胶及专业的复合技术,研发出了满足苛刻的海水测试标准的SBR橡胶复合纺织品,让冲浪者获得前所未有的安全保护,自由驰骋于海浪表面,尽情享受极限运动的刺激。我们的材料研发部门和终端消费市场研究团队提供更快速、更贴切的全方位服务,为您创造价值和利润。
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