Medical Laminating Textile
Hi-New-Tex® medical laminating textile, certificated by the US Food and Drug Administration and ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices Quality Management System, offers anti-bacterial behavior and fulfills the innovative demand of user-friendliness and safety. It is produced by the most advanced PUR environmental protection bonding technology. The unique property of anti-bacteria and frequent wash possibilities makes it quite ideal in the health & hospitality industries. The full service will be provided to you in a faster and more appropriate way due to our material R&D department and consumer-oriented research team.
Hi-New-Tex® medical laminating textile withstands numerous cycles of laundering and sterilization.


Hi-New-Tex®医用复合纺织品适用于医疗环境,通过美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)及ISO 13485:2003医疗器械质量管理体系的认证,它不仅满足了医用纺织品对抗菌性能的苛刻要求,而且实现了使用安全方便的创新。Hi-New-Tex®医用复合纺织品采用高科技PUR环保型热熔胶复合而成,它的高透气性能和防水性能应用在医疗卫生用品上十分理想。我们的材料研发部门和终端消费市场研究团队提供更快速、更贴切的全方位服务,为您创造价值和利润。
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